Bokeh 1.0.2

Speed up applications


  • Selecting apps to pause
  • Focusing on one app


  • Uses up a lot of memory
  • Freeze effect makes you dizzy

Not bad

Let's face it, if you keep loads of applications open, whatever processor and memory your Mac has, you're going to be facing slowdowns. What Bokeh aims to do is refocus power to those applications that matter.

The application comes as a drop down menu bar item, from which you can select applications to pause or simply set which one to focus on. This last action allows you to simply pause all other applications except the one you will use. You'll see your screen flash for a split second and then blur out, except for the selected application. While I found that pretty cool at first, it really makes you dizzy after a while.

Bokeh works with as many applications as you want and it's nice being able to select which ones to freeze without having to shut them down. However I did find that Bokeh used up a lot of memory, generally more than 100 MB, and turning Activity Monitor also revealed that frozen applications still used up as much memory as if they were running.

If the focus effect doesn't give you headaches, you might using Bokeh. Yet don't expect it to free up loads of memory for you. For that try Onyx.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

Bokeh is for people who use software with big needs. When your Mac is clogged with lots of extra processes, the amount of power it can give to any one program is lessened. Running an intensive process like a Photoshop filter or 3D render can be sped up with Bokeh.

Focusing on a running application with Bokeh suspends all other apps in the foreground. Some programs may seem like they would require very little of the CPU, but could actually be hogging more than their fair share. By suspending these apps with Bokeh, your Mac will be able to dedicate maximum power to your present task. Defocusing will resume your other apps right where they left off.

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Bokeh 1.0.2

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